Yes, first you taste a drink with your eyes!
THE APPEARANCE Appearance covers the colour of the beverage and its characteristics, such as the clarity of the liquid, any cloudiness, whether it is light like mist or heavier, making the drink opaque. There is a multitude of colours: crystalline (clear), amber, golden, coppery, mahogany, straw, pink, hazy, etc. … SHADE This refers to a subtle difference within one colour. It can vary depending on the amount and quality of the ingredients. BRIGHTNESS This is used to describe a very pale colour that reflects a huge amount of light.


Before sipping your drink, take the time to inhale its aromas. When you are tasting, smell plays an essential role thanks to retro-nasal olfaction.
FRAGRANCE This is an pleasant smell, either more or less intense, that comes from the liquid. INTENSITY Intensity refers to how pronounced the aromas are from a beverage. Pay attention to the smells and you'll distinguish a succession of fragrances, from intense to more subtle. BOUQUET Bouquet refers to the aromas that are characteristic of a beverage, rather like an identity card for smell. AROMA This is the dominant fragrance. It is recognized during tasting thanks to retro-nasal olfaction (the perception of aromas in the mouth thanks to the olfactive sensors in the nasal cavity). There are many aromatic families: floral, burnt, woody, fruity, vegetable, spicy, etc.


A little bit of thought will allow you to recognize your first impressions. You will then notice the spectrum of sensations in the mouth until "the finish."
TASTE This is the sense that tells you about the flavours in your beverage, from bitterness to sweetness, acidity to saltiness. ATTACK The attack is the initial impression in the mouth. LENGTH Length refers to how long aromas linger in the mouth after swallowing the drink. BODY Depending on its intensity and aromas, a beverage gives the impression of developing to a greater or lesser degree in the mouth. This is known as body. FINISH This is the final aromatic note left after tasting.