INGREDIENTS A golden rule: keep only the best. Quality is what makes things tasty. So, for the best cocktails, you need to choose the best ingredients.


EQUIPMENT You don't need the professional barman's full kit to get started. But here are a few accessories that will make things easier:


A cocktail jigger Too much alcohol, or any other ingredient, and your cocktail will be unbalanced. Remember that next time, and invest in a jigger!


A pestle: Very useful for preparing cocktails with fruit, it allows you to squeeze the ingredients to release the flavour just by pressing.


A tall spoon: Perfect for stirring your mixture without getting your fingers covered!


A shaker: The barman's right hand, it mixes ingredients and flavours. Be careful, fizzy beverages shouldn't be put in a shaker.


TELL YOUR COCKTAIL'S STORY Every cocktail has a story to tell: a writer for whom it became a favourite, the hotel bar where it was first concocted, or a historic event that stamped its name on it.


To give your cocktail even more flavour, carry on the legend. Find the anecdote to tell your guests and they'll drink up your words, for sure!


All the stories behind your favourite cocktails can be found on



RECIPES AND TIPS An important tip so that your cocktails work every time - follow our recipes to the letter! So that the flavours are well-balanced and you have the authentic taste of each cocktail, you want to avoid improvising.


Check out for all our barman's tips.


THE ART OF MEASURING Perfectly balanced cocktails. The flavours need to be in harmony, otherwise your drink will be ruined! A cocktail jigger is ideal, but you can also use the bottle cap to measure the precise amount for each recipe.


Measured consumption Too much alcohol in your drink spoils the balance between the flavours. To enjoy the tasting, make sure you add the right quantities!


DECORATION Draw attention by taking care over the presentation of your cocktails! Tasting should be a visual treat too. Colours, textures, whole fruit, or the shape of the glass, each recipe has its own presentation style. You'll find our recipes and videos showing you how to prepare them at



Slow Drinking is an Art of tasting. By following a few general rules, you can discover how to taste a cocktail like a professional.


Sight: Your eyes are the first to taste! Before bringing your drink to your lips, look at its colour, its texture, its clarity... Yes, that's right, the tasting has already begun.


Smell: A flavour is also a fragrance. Inhale the aromas before they even reach your mouth, and get a first glimpse of the flavours in your drink.


Taste: The time has come to taste your cocktail. Start with a small sip and think about the first flavour you taste. Does it taste acidic, bitter, sweet, mild or slightly salty?


Talk about the sensations you experience and what you notice with your guests. A fun time together discussing cocktails is just starting. If you want to learn how to talk about cocktails using all the right terms, see the section on The Language.


And look up, for recipes and everything you need to know about the organoleptic qualities of each cocktail.



A cocktail should be properly matched. So put the peanuts to one side and serve your guests something that really complements the flavours of the drink! It will be more fun and it will make the tasting last longer too.


With richer flavours, and more surprises as well, the idea of accompanying a cocktail with some food makes it all the more enjoyable.


There's a successful match for every cocktail and you'll find all the recipes here:


In addition to enjoying the tastes, eating helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol in the blood. It's perfect for making the moment last longer by delaying the effects of the alcohol!


TASTING PROPERLY Each drink has its own tasting code, and it's not just by chance. It helps to ensure that consumption is managed better so that the pleasure lasts longer.


The first rule is to stick to the right quantity. Whether the cocktail contains alcohol or not, it's important to use the right amount so that the flavours are balanced. Just like when you're cooking.


When we talk about alcoholic beverages, it's also very useful to know the amount of alcohol consumed. Avoiding excess is better for your health, and you can also enjoy the moment for longer.


IN PRACTICE To be sure that you have the right amount of alcohol, you need to measure it! Use a jigger, like the professionals, and you'll be serving your guests perfectly balanced cocktails.


You don't have a jigger? Then use the cap of a bottle. It usually holds about 1 cl.