The Slow Drinker's Club

Pascale Hébel

Director of the Consumption department of CREDOC, the Living Conditions Research Centre, Pascale Hébel is also a consultant to major companies in the consumer and distribution industries.
She specializes in anticipating consumer behaviour, particularly in the food sector. She also takes part in health and nutrition awareness events and is the spokesperson for the INCA food consumption study, a benchmark in this field.


Slowing down is a way of resisting the acceleration of the daily pace of 21st century life, with its many negative repercussions: stress, unhappiness, lack of satisfaction with the quality of life and the feeling that you are losing control of your own life,
Slow Drinking is a perfect match for the desire of certain categories of the population who want to make changes in their lives, to find a less frantic rhythm, where they can listen to their own needs. An idea in which excessive consumption is not the road to pleasure is making headway. The sensation of pleasure only comes when alcoholic beverages are consumed in moderation and not from getting drunk.
This thinking about a better way of life and better consumption is becoming more and more important and is based on the promotion of the quality of ingredients and their origins.

Consuming in moderation, and thereby more slowly, allows you to take control of your own life with being passed by, and in the end, to rediscover the pleasure of consuming. Being a Slow Drinker, means preferring quality to quantity.

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